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Fast document delivery service you can rely on.

A committed team supported by a leading Intellectual Property information provider.

Across the globe, we retrieve IP documents for you.

We search, sort and sift to deliver the documents you need - accurately and on time.


  • U.S. and International Patent File Histories/File Wrappers
  • Certified U.S. and Foreign Documents
  • Non-Patent Literature Cited in Patent Documents
  • Assignment and Chain of Title Searches
  • Document Legalizations and Authentications
  • Copies of Patent Documents and Patent Applications filed at National Patent Offices around the world

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One of the world's leading developers and innovators in patent software solutions and searchable patent data.

Thanks to this partnership, Tempus IP has one of the most advanced (and rapid) patent information ordering and delivery systems in the world, saving you time and hassle locating IP documents.

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