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Tempus IP offers the full range of IP document retrieval services at contract-free, competitive prices and with fast turnaround & unmatched customer service.

Using the interactive Tempus IP website designed and developed by Minesoft - a recognized world leader in IP-related technology solutions - you can place and track orders 24 hours a day, while our experienced advisors are on hand to ensure a trouble-free experience.

File Histories:

Lightning fast delivery of searchable US file more

Lightning fast delivery of searchable US file histories.

  • Tempus IP provides your organization with US and non-US (international) file histories, in searchable PDF formats for easy review.
  • Add our option for bookmarks at a nominal fee and review is made even easier!
  • Wide range of delivery methods: download from our website, email or CD-ROM.
  • Personal archive of ordered documents - no need to pay twice.
  • In need of just NPL documents? No need to order the entire file, choose our NPL Only option and we can get these to you quickly.
  • Need a File Wrapper reviewed? Need only copies of selected papers? We have experienced staff to accommodate your needs, whatever they may be.

Our standard turnaround time for U.S. file histories is 24 hours. Most orders placed in the morning are delivered the same day by close of business.


  • US: $1 per page - $50 minimum (searchable pdf format)
  • Bookmarks: $15 per file
  • Cited Patent references: $1 per document (except special orders)
  • Cited Non Patent Literature: $1 per page (if ordered with file history)
  • Cited Non Patent Literature only: $1 per page ($50 minimum)
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Non-US (International) File Histories:

Track down hard-to-find documents across the more

Track down hard-to-find documents across the globe.

Minesoft's international presence has enabled us to develop worldwide links rapidly in the field of IP documentation. Tempus IP has established relationships with National IP Offices and a range of other local agents active in document procurement.

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Patent Copies:

A one-stop shop for US and international more

A one-stop shop for US and international patents.

With Tempus IP, you have all of the world's patent issuing offices in one central location.

  • Convenient, economical, and efficient.
  • Order patent copies online for both U.S. and non-US (international) patents, provided in searchable PDF format.
  • Our patent copy delivery system is powered by Minesoft PatentOrder™ - a service chosen by leading corporations worldwide to deliver copies of patents required on a daily basis.

Delivery within minutes for most patents from more than 50 countries.


  • US and International (Minesoft collection): $1 per document
  • Special Orders: From $35 (contact us for pricing and turnaround time)
  • English Abstracts: $5 per abstract
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Certified Documents:

Obtain and forward documents certified by the more

Obtain and forward documents certified by the USPTO.

With staff on site at the USPTO and established accounts to facilitate transactions, Tempus IP can retrieve certified copies of:

  • USPTO IP documents
  • File histories/wrappers
  • Patent and published applications
  • Reel/frame
  • Abstract of title, and more...


  • Certified US Paper file histories: $390 (includes USPTO fees).
  • Certified US Image File Wrapper: $110 (includes USPTO fee)
  • Certified Patent: $75 (includes USPTO fee)
  • Certified Patent Application Publication: $85 (includes USPTO fee)
  • Certified US Application-as-filed: $85 (includes USPTO fee)
  • Certified Abstract of title: $85 (includes USPTO fee)
  • Certified Reel/Frame: $85 (includes USPTO fee)
  • Certified International documents: contact us for a quote and turnaround time
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U.S. Assignments:

Search for changes in patent more

Search for changes in patent ownership

For up-to-date records of patent ownership, turn to Tempus IP.

  • We search & report all changes of assignment, as recorded by the USPTO, e.g. Change of ownership due to sale, M&A, or any other type of patent transfer.
  • Whether you need just one specific assignment or the entire Chain of Title, Tempus IP delivers the details quickly and thoroughly.
  • We can provide you with copies of assignments whether you need just one or one thousand.


  • Chain of title search: $50 per patent number plus copy costs
  • Assignment copy (reel/frame): $1 per page ($10 minimum per assignment)
  • Assignments Retrieved from Microfilm: $50 per assignment (when applicable)
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Assistance with IP Due Diligence:

Ease the burden of IP Due Diligence more

Ease the burden of IP Due Diligence tasks.

Whenever a transaction of IP rights occurs (whether that is for licensing or acquisition of a patent portfolio), all the parties involved need to perform a complete due diligence.

Tempus IP has the experience and resources to provide all the documentation to support such a task in the shortest term possible.

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Translation Services:


Expert Searching:

Professional assistance with patent and file wrapper more

Professional assistance with patent and file wrapper searches.

Should you need the services of a skilled professional experienced in the File History business to assist you in your patent and file wrapper searches, we provide searching on an hourly basis.

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Legalization and Authentication Services:

Customized Services:

Intelligent solutions tailored to specific more

Intelligent solutions tailored to specific needs

  • Along with the services outlined above, Tempus IP also provides customized solutions that address the client's time and personnel constraints.
  • The widest range of IP professionals turn to us to outsource a project: whether it's extracting 500+ patent numbers and establishing a storage protocol, or retrieving more than 250 patent numbers and performing related chains of title within a tight deadline, Tempus IP has the technology and talent to deliver on time and within budget.

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